Advent of Code: Day 12

For Day 12, the challenge is to count the number of isolated groups within a graph. My Python solution is below:

connections = {}

with open("input.txt", "r") as o:
    for line in"\n"):
        p = line.split(" <-> ")
        connections[int(p[0])] = [int(i.strip()) for i in p[1].split(",")]

groups = {}
marked = []

def check(ptr, group=None):
    if ptr in marked:

    if group is None:
        group = ptr
        groups[group] = []


    for c in connections[ptr]:
        check(c, group)

for i in connections.keys():

print "Part 1:", len(groups[0])
print "Part 2:", len(groups)

I found this one to be significantly easier than recent days.

Advent of Code runs every day up to Christmas, you should join in!.

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