Advent of Code: Day 14

For Day 14, the challenge is to generate a sort of map by generating hashes, and then count the number of contiguous regions in that map. My Python solution is:

import Queue
from day10 import hash

with open("input.txt", "r") as o:
    key =

ones = []

for i in range(128):
    h = hash(256, "%s-%s" % (key, i))
    l = int(h, 16)
    ones += [(i, x) for x in range(128) if (l >> x) & 1]

part1 = len(ones)
regions = 0
queue = Queue.Queue()
while len(ones) > 0:
    regions += 1
    while not queue.empty():
        n = queue.get()
        if n in ones:
            queue.put((n[0] - 1, n[1]))
            queue.put((n[0] + 1, n[1]))
            queue.put((n[0], n[1] - 1))
            queue.put((n[0], n[1] + 1))

print "Part 1", part1
print "Part 2", regions

It uses the hash method from my solution to day 10. My first solution stored everything in a two dimensional array but I simplified it to the queue version so I only need to store the (relatively few) ones.

Advent of Code runs every day up to Christmas, you should join in!.

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