Advent of Code: Day 7

For Day 7, the challenge is to build a graph of running programs and dependencies and then adjust the weighting. My Python code is below:

import Queue
from collections import Counter
class Program:
    def __init__(self, line):
        self.parent = None
        line = line.split(" -> ")
        if len(line) > 1:
            self.children = [l.strip() for l in line[1].split(",")]
            self.children = [], self.weight = line[0].split(" ")
        self.weight = int(self.weight.strip()[1:-1])

    def total_weight(self):
        self.total_weight = self.weight + sum(programs[c].total_weight for c in self.children)
        return self.total_weight

programs = {}

with open("input.txt", "r") as i:
    for line in i:
        program = Program(line.strip())
        programs[] = program

# Set up parents
for key, program in programs.items():
    for child in program.children:
        programs[child].parent = program

program = programs.values()[0]
while program.parent:
    program = program.parent

def find_incorrect_weight_parent(program):
    child_weights = [programs[c].total_weight for c in program.children]
    child_weights_counter = Counter(child_weights)
    if len(child_weights_counter.keys()) > 1:
        lst = child_weights_counter.most_common(2)
        weight_difference = lst[0][0] - lst[1][0]
        for c in program.children:
            if not programs[c].total_weight == lst[0][0]:
                return programs[c].weight + weight_difference
    return None

lst = []
queue = Queue.Queue()

while not queue.empty():
    program = queue.get()
    for c in program.children:


for program in lst:
    weight = find_incorrect_weight_parent(program)
    if weight:
        print weight

For the first part, I create a graph - loop through every program once to set up references to parents, and then just pick the first program and continue finding the parent until I find the root.

For the second part, the only tricky bit is that we need to start searching from the bottom. For this I use a breadth first search to build a list of programs ordered from top to bottom. I then reverse the list, and loop through until I find the first one with the incorrect weight.

Advent of Code runs every day up to Christmas, you should join in!.

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